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About Us

Ed and Catherine are both born and bred in Western Australia, and have spent most of their adult lives living in Perth. The natural talents of both complement each other, and this combined with their enjoyment and passion of working with horses finally drew them together.

Ed Trindall

Starting his working life as a wheat and sheep farmer, Ed acquired a great understanding of the land and developed his natural ability to build things. Drought affected the family farm and during his early 20’s, Ed moved to Perth and joined Western Australia Police. The role of a police officer highlighted Ed’s physical capabilities and his aptitude for problem solving as he was soon streamlined into specialist roles such as the Diving Squad, Tactical Response Group, Weapons Training and finally the Mounted Section. Ed remained with WA Police for 44 years, of which 15 years was spent with the Mounted Section.

A short time after commencing at the Mounted Division Ed’s talent of training horses with behavioural problems was obvious and he soon became known as the ‘go to man’ to help train police horses.   In addition, Ed developed very specific knowledge in relation to military equestrian events and protocol such as tent pegging, military drill and ceremonial parades. These skills and knowledge were recognised and appreciated by many equestrian enthusiasts outside of WA Police, as such Ed was often involved in many diverse pursuits such as a memorial light horse troop, carriage driving and training WA horses for use in gun carriages for The Kings Troop (artillery troop) from the UK. The pinnacle of Ed’s involvement in the equestrian industry was during 2009, when he had the opportunity to lead the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Catherine Trindall

As a daughter of hoteliers, Catherine grew up in regional WA and had the opportunity of a carefree, outdoor lifestyle. Although she did not have a chance to be around horses, her first real desire to ride horses was at 5 years of age but it was not until many years later Catherine actually learnt to ride, unfortunately as there were a number of competing priorities her ability to continue to ride was stalled. During 1996, Catherine embarked on a career change and joined the WA Police and after several years of rotating through a variety of specialist roles, Catherine joined the WA Police Mounted Section and could not believe she was being paid to do this work. Once again back in her element, she utilised the resources of the Mounted Section to gain as much education and experience possible by spending many hours after work riding and training horses, in addition to attending clinics and enrolling at TAFE to broaden her base of knowledge, outside of the Mounted Section.

Fuelled by determination, she continued her education and obtained her Equestrian Australia NCAS Level 1 General and Level 1 Dressage, Certificate III in Racing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, finally in 2015 Catherine completed her Master of Training and Development. As the education occurred over a number of years Catherine was also focused on building her equestrian experience and coaching skills. As luck would have it, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) heard of Catherine’s education and equestrian experience and offered her a contract to teach the ROP female police officers, attached to the Mounted Division, horse riding and horse management, Catherine accepted the contract and during 2013/14 lived in Oman, which was an outstanding success. When Catherine returned to Australia, Equestrian Australia published an article Catherine had written about her experience in Oman.

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Today, the combined skills, knowledge and experience of Ed and Catherine have created a unique purpose built equestrian property and equestrian enterprise.